About Us

Want to be stylish, to show your pride in Afrikan culture, and support a business that is about the mental and physical liberation of Afrikan people? Kamali Marketplace and its signature line: The Akade Kollection is want you need.

I have been on a journey of greater consciousness for a number of years. In 2005, that consciousness began to carry over into the clothes I decided to wear. I went from wearing the latest from Express for Men to swiping up every affordable dashiki I could find. I knew it would make a serious statement about my mindset, which was becoming more Afrikan as the read the works of Dr. Amos Wilson, Ayi Kwei Armah, Assata Shakur, and others.

Today and everyday, I wear something that represents Afrikan culture. Honestly, I do not feel right if it’s missing.

So how did we get to Kamali Marketplace and the Akade Kollection? Early in 2014, I had to attend court several times, so I did what most people do, I put on “professional” clothes and left the dashikis in the closet. However, one day as I was walking into the court in a wool sweater with an embroidered lion on the left chest, it hit me. This lion SHOULD BE AFRIKA, INCLUDING MADAGASCAR. :) I felt that I should be able to walk into any environment and represent my culture, feel comfortable, and look good (mind you, I look pretty good in my dashikis as well).

As I left the court house that day, I vowed to make it happen, if only for my daughter (pictured below) and myself.

Now, here it is and here you are.

The response has been amazing. Many of you feel the same way I did and see the value in supporting a BLACK-OWNED business.

We are happy to provide you with the kinds of clothes that show that you are proud of who you are and where you come from.

Please contact us with clothing ideas and about how to serve you better.

Revolutionary Love,

Baba Dr. Brotha Samori Camara